Three Weird Things to Brighten Your October

  • The Swetsville Zoo. If you’re passing through Fort Collins, be sure to check out this zoo made from farm implements, scrap metal, and old car parts. Marvin and I discovered this sculpture garden when our kids were little and revisit it every so often when we have out of town guests to entertain. Highlights include a giant spider made from a Volkswagen and a prehistoric heavy metal band. It’s located off of I-25 next to the Harmony Road exit, next to Costco.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.53.55 PM

  • The suburban turkey. I live in the suburbs, as in tract houses, strip malls, and miles of asphalt, so imagine my surprise when I stepped outside a couple weeks ago to find this guy strolling down the sidewalk. My dog went crazy, but Mr. T didn’t let her barking or my picture taking ruffle his feathers. He continued his stroll, secure in the knowledge that Luna was on a leash and Thanksgiving was six weeks away.


  • Solid potato salad. Since we can never have too much weirdness in our lives, enjoy this slightly creepy clip from the 1944 MGM musical, Broadway Rhythm.

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