Treasure Island

Find It! Love It! Thousands of inspiring finds arrive every single day! The sign in front of the ARC thrift store says that in addition to its exceptionally low everyday prices, most items are half price today. Yay!

I love thrift stores, flea markets, consignment stores, and the like, partly because I never know what I may find (a pair of designer jeans, a two dollar office chair, a Jell-O mold in the shape of a human brain), and partly because I’m a sucker for a good deal.

Most of the time I leave without buying anything, but it’s still fun to consider the possibilities.

Like this pile o’ pigs:


Or this feather angel playing the violin:


Ten thousand square feet of used furniture, clothing, toys, cookware, knick-knacks, and miscellaneous junk . . .

“Help me mommy!  Someone put a bag over my head!”
“Help me mommy! Someone put a bag over my head!”
Everyone needs a three-foot tall plaster cat.
Everyone needs one of these.
Used cosmetics anyone?
Used cosmetics anyone?

They have new things too, like pastel, padded seats for your library.

Just like Grandma's house!
Just like Grandma’s house!

And neon pink, zebra car mats:


Each of the items in this store belonged to someone at one time, and that person (or the person who gave it to them) thought it was awesome enough to purchase new.

Including this:

Ahoy Matey!
Ahoy Matey!

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