About Leah

Hi! I’m Leah. I write books for teens (and adults who are teens at heart). I live in Loveland, Colorado and work out of a converted Tuff Shed with squirrels on the roof and a view of the Rocky Mountains. Welcome!


I grew up in California and Colorado and attended the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications. While I was in college I worked as a news announcer at two radio stations and wrote theater reviews for the campus newspaper.

After college, I moved to California where I worked for a variety of companies, including Disneyland. Eventually I settled in Silicon Valley, where I edited technical manuals for a defense contractor and did freelance writing and editing.

I also wrote comedy sketches and performed with an improv comedy troupe in the San Jose Bay Area. My sketches and voice work were featured on radio and television stations in San Jose and San Francisco.

I am married to my best friend, Marvin. We met at an advertising shopper that we both worked for in San Jose. The company had a no dating policy so we snuck around for six months until Marvin left the company. On his last day, he dipped me backward in front of everyone and gave me a big kiss, just like in the movies. Then he left the building.

We have a daughter, Christina, a son, John, a dog named Luna (aka my administrative assistant), and an elderly cat named Charlie.


Books, writing, summer, live theater, hiking, British comedy, bookstores, lattes, Disneyland, Marvin’s guitar playing, homegrown tomatoes, dark chocolate, Christmas, the smell of vanilla, Italy, cats and dogs, cheesecake, vintage rock.


Road trips, wind, cleaning house, turtleneck sweaters (or anything else touching my throat), slasher movies, porta potties, mayonnaise, funerals, snakes, stinky perfume, overripe bananas, traffic.


Touching the tip of my tongue to the end of my nose, driving stick, making peanut brittle that doesn’t break your teeth, reciting the alphabet backward, outwitting small children.

Hard at work on my first novel.

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